Chef  Jon Lenchner


Originally from Pennsylvania, Chef Jon Lenchner resides now in the suburbs of Washington D.C.  Jon was lured into the culinary world quite by accident. While on break from the University of Pennsylvania, a friend who had a food and beverage position lined up for himself in Florida suggested Jon come along. Jon took a position as a breakfast cook in a hotel, up to that point in his life never having cooked anything past a grilled cheese sandwich. Jon was immediately under the tutelage of an Executive Chef and working with a plethora of recent graduates of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. Jon worked his way through a variety of traditional hotel and restaurant positions. He was accepted into The Culinary Institute, Hyde Park, was exempted from externship and graduated in one and one half years at the top of his class.


Upon graduation Jon came to Washington D.C. and worked under many influential Chefs at the Jockey Club Restaurant, Le Pavillon and The Occidental Restaurant.


Jon opened his own award winning restaurant, Morel, in Sarasota Florida which remains in operation today.


Most recently Jon has been an Executive Chef at the University Club of Washington D.C.


Jon's passion for food is rooted in tradition, preferring a refined clean approach to cooking and presentation.  He is committed to excellence and his passion and flare are evident in his food.


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